What We Do


Welcome to The Slate LLC......where  EXPRESS WHITE SMILES is what we do.  

Our Mission 

To provide our clients with SAFE and EFFECTIVE whitening of their teeth.  

Who We Are

LICENSED professionals  with over 25 years of experience, we know what  clients want.....WHITE, HEALTHY SMILES at a reasonable cost WITHOUT the hassle.  

What We Offer 

With our  INNOVATIVE ENHANCED whitening process we have the ability to remove stains and plaque BEFORE the whitening process to ensure a better whitening result. 

Our Products 

Our whitening gels are ALL NATURAL with NO parabens and made at the time of order to provide the FRESHEST PRODUCT possible.  The GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT in our gels is an effective deterrent to periodontal disease and gingivitis and when used properly, is safe to the enamel.


With regular WHITENING MAINTENANCE our clients will be able to continue to enjoy their COFFEE, RED WINE and TEA and still flash that HAPPY WHITE SMILES.  

MISS US ...we have AFTER hours appointments.*  CONTACT us and we'll try and make it happen. 

Getting MARRIED, bridal shower, bachelor party, hosting a special occasion....because we are MOBILE, we can come to you. Guarantee us a party of 8, bride and groom or host gets a 15 minute BOOST whitening for FREE . **

Every initial visit comes with a  free whitening consultation 

* After hours appointments incur additional costs. 

**pop ups are at a negotiated cost with a non-refundable deposit

       visit us at

 1700 17th st. NW

suite 302

Washington DC 20009

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